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PARBOND Rubber-Based Sealant Aluminum 5-oz. - Sold by Tube

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PARBOND Rubber-Based Sealant Aluminum 5-oz. - Sold by Tube

$ 5.95

PARBOND is a weather-resistant, rubber-based sealant for small joints or gaps up to 1/8' between metal, glass, masonry, and wood.

Product uses:
PARBOND can be used within the opening or as a surface coating over very fine cracks. Typical applications are: miter joints in window or door frames, needle glazing, top dressing over non-dry sealants to avoid dirt pick up. It can be a sealant for rain gutters and Downspouts, around automotive windshields and back lights, and for sealing of sinks, tile and ducts in kitchens, galleys, and bathrooms.

PARBOND provides moisture resistance and weather protection through temperature variations, flexing and moderate elongation and compression. It sets up by evaporation of solvent to a tough flexible bead. An initial surface film forms in one hour, but final cure will take 24 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness and ambient temperature. Cured film will withstand exposure to weather, temperature extremes of -20°F to 180°F, water, water vapor and air pressure. This sealant is formulated to meet AAMA 803.1-92, Type II Specification for narrow joint seam sealers.

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