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ATS Switch, Non-Metallic Box

Burnstine's Distributing

ATS Switch, Non-Metallic Box

$ 85.00

This transfer switch is designed to provide automatic selection between two sources of power, such as a shore cord and a generator. The PMTS-30 can switch 120VAC up to 30 amps and is provided with knockouts of various sizes. Just select the proper size, remove knockouts, and install cable clamps in knockout holes. The PMTS-30 is designed for use in a circuit capable of delivering not more than 500A rms symmetrical, 150V maximum, when protected by a circuit breaker rated not more than 30 amps.


  • Automatically switches from power cord to generator.
  • Heavy duty relay assembly will handle 50 amp power cord and up to 12KW generator.>
  • Transfers two hot poles and neutral simultaneously.
  • Generator start up delay is provided to allow the generator to get up to speed.
  • Utilizes a micro switch on the neutral relay to ensure neutral lines are engaged before the hot lines.
  • Designed with DC coiled relays to reduce hum, and terminal blocks to simplify wire connections.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Designed for OEM and aftermarket applications.
Specifications: 30A 50A
Input Voltage 120 VAC, 60Hz 120 VAC, 60Hz
Input Current 30 A 50A
Voltage Output 120 VAC, 60Hz 120 VAC, 60Hz
Output Current 30 A 50 A
Shore Power Input Yes Yes
Outside Dimensions 8x8x8 8x8x8
Weight 4.25 lbs 6 lbs
Knockout Holes 3 5
Knockout Sizes 2x7/8", 1x1.0" 4 x 1.0", 1 x 2.0"
Complies with FCC Yes Yes
ETL Listed Yes Yes
Timer Delay Yes Yes
Timer Bypass Switch Yes Yes

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